“our members were delighted”

Thanks for planning such a fascinating program. Your passion was evident throughout the presentation. Our members were especially delighted by your by your charming, kind personality which created a warm atmosphere for everyone.
— Sheryl Crockey, VP-Programs, CalRTA Harbor Beach Division 7777


Thanks so much for your wonderful talk at our Town Halls. Our employees appreciated learning what the Donate Life Rose Parade Float meant to the donation community as we created a nationwide movement to save lives. Sharing your stories with my team was exceptional and I received many positive notes on your presentation. Thank you!
— Tom Cycyota, President & CEO, AlloSource

"captivated our clinical staff and…continues to resonate"

Bryan Stewart’s authoritative reflections and emotional anecdotes captivated our clinical staff and reminded us of the many ways our work touches the community. Months later, his entertaining and moving depiction of his journey, and all those that joined him along the way, continues to resonate with our team.
— Jennifer Moe, Executive Director, The Donor Alliance Foundation

"unique way to connect with our mission"

Bryan’s in-person discussion around ‘Hope Blooms’ not only provided our staff a unique way to connect with our mission but also offered insight into one of the most effective and impactful initiatives in the history of our cause.
— Andrea Smith, Director of PR/Communications, Donor Alliance